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Easy Tessellating Endless Hearts Afghan Crochet Pattern

February 5th 2021

[IMAGE] [1]Endless Hearts Afghan [IMAGE] ENDLESS HEARTS AFGHAN These hearts fit together perfectly to create a sweet cover-up for all ages. The tessellating heart design is quickly formed with a double crochet in front loop of stitch 2 rows's not popcorns! Crochet pattern includes instructions to make a child size afghan, plus two sizes each of baby and adult sized afghans. Made from baby/sport/DK or worsted weight yarn. See our website for a video how-to featuring the ...Continue Reading

Unique Hat Crochet Patterns

January 22nd 2021

[IMAGE] New Baby Boy Hats (above) [IMAGE] New Baby Girl Hats (above) [IMAGE] Native American Hats for the Family (above) Mosaic Crochet Hats Dear Crochet Friend, Get started on your gift giving projects! Outfit the new baby and other family members using these 3 unique crochet hat pattern books. The main pattern design section of each hat uses a mosaic dropped double crochet technique which is formed by cleverly placed dropped dc stitches worked in front loop of stitch 2 ...Continue Reading

Afghan Crochet Patterns with Lots of Hearts

January 21st 2021

[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Endless Hearts Baby, Child and Adult Size Afghans [IMAGE] [IMAGE] Captive Heart Afghan and Pillow [IMAGE] Romantic Rose Afghan and Pillow [IMAGE] Hearts at Home Afghan and Pillows Check out our Heart Themed Afghan Crochet Patterns Over 30 years ago we came out with our first heart-themed crochet afghan pattern, SweetHeart. Today, it is still a very popular timeless classic. Hearts are such a beloved theme for afghans, that throughout ...Continue Reading

Doll Clothes Crochet Patterns

January 12th 2021

It's true I dearly love to design doll clothes. Perhaps I'm a fashion designer in disguise! I try to create crocheted clothes that resemble sewn designs with all their intricacies. Here are some of my most popular doll crochet patterns in case you've missed them in the past. I know the little girls in your life will appreciate it! They're available as instant downloads, or printed versions mailed to you. The links below go to the downloads, but you can find links to the printed versions on m ...Continue Reading

Classic Afghan Crochet Patterns

December 18th 2020

[IMAGE] [IMAGE] CLASSIC AFGHAN Crochet Patterns Diamond Duchess, Diamond Jubilee, and Wildwood Flower These timeless classics never go out of style. They were first published in pattern sheet form in the mid 1980's and they are just as relevant today as then. We now offer them in a color printed booklet that will be mailed to you, or an instant download which you will receive via email link immediately after payment. They were all created by the same designer, who liked a croc ...Continue Reading

Teddy Bear Afghans, Cocoon Crochet Patterns

December 16th 2020

[IMAGE] Peek-a-Boo Bear [IMAGE] Teddy Bear Portrait Afghan [IMAGE] [IMAGE] [IMAGE] [IMAGE] TEDDY BEAR Afghans and Cocoons Crochet Pattern Booklets Done in Mosaic Dropped Double Crochet Teddy Bears are among the most popular theme for baby and children's afghans. Here are seven selections for your perusal. All feature our signature technique which I have named Mosaic Dropped Double Crochet. It is similar in looks to Mosaic Knitting (aka Slip Stitch Knitting), but wo ...Continue Reading

Quick kitchen gifts crochet patterns

December 15th 2020

[1][IMAGE] [IMAGE] [2][IMAGE] [3][IMAGE] [4][IMAGE] [5][IMAGE] [6][IMAGE] [7][IMAGE] Potholders, Dishcoths and More Kitchen Crochet Patterns Dear Crochet Friends, These are so practical, and make great gifts too. All are available as instant downloads so you can get started right away. All but dishcloths are also available as a printed digest-size booklet mailed to you via the post office. Native American Potholders, #117. These 7 creations inspired by Native Am ...Continue Reading

Poncho Crochet Patterns + Matching Afghans

December 14th 2020

[IMAGE] [IMAGE] [IMAGE] [IMAGE] Ponchos that also include matching afghans Dear Crochet Friend, The two pattern books, Taos and Tribal Traditions, each include instructions to make a poncho as well as a matching afghan....two projects for the price of one! Created with traditional Native American themes using just single and double crochet sts. The design is formed by a dc in front loop of st 2 rows below. Sc are worked in back lp of st. Each row is worked on one side and al ...Continue Reading

Wolf + Native American Afghan Crochet Pattern

December 11th 2020

[IMAGE] Howling Wolf Afghan Dear Crochet Friend, It's a hit! Husbands and sons are raving about our new Howling Wolf Afghan crochet design. One woman told me her husband saw it, and asked for it...then her son got wind of it and wanted his own afghan too! Get started now on your new winter project! You know many times it's so hard to find something suitable to make for a man...but this is it! And the great thing is, it will work equally well for all our feminine wolf lovers too! I'v ...Continue Reading

Native American Placemats and Table Runners Crochet Patterns

December 10th 2020

[IMAGE] Native American Placemats & Table Runners Dear Crochet Friend, I love designing Native American themed items using the dropped dc stitch. It lends itself to so many possibilities. These unique placemats and table runners are a great gift idea and a good portable project to take along. Create these Southwest Native American themes using just single and double crochet sts. The design is formed by a dc in front loop of st 2 rows below. Sc are worked in back lp of st. Each ro ...Continue Reading