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Waterfall Wardrobe Crochet Bk for 18 inch and AG Dolls

July 9th 2020

[IMAGE] Waterfall Wardrobe for American Girl or similar-sized 18 inch dolls I'm really pleased with how this set turned out. It's one of my most popular doll crochet instruction booklets. I have admired the waterfall/cascade vest, sweaters and jackets fashion trend of recent years and decided my doll needed her own version! The Vest and Leggings outfit includes instructions for the long vest, leggings, boot, hat with corkscrew trim and the unusual beaded neck wrap (beads are worked in as yo ...Continue Reading

Nite Nite Teddy Bear Afghan Crochet Pattern

July 7th 2020

[IMAGE] Nite Nite Teddy Bear Afghan Dear Crochet Friend, I'm really pleased with my latest creation. I've been wanting to do a "crochet" quilt for some time now, and have combined that with teddy bears sleeping snugly under it. I used worsted weight yarn so it would work up quickly. The design is formed by a dc in front loop of st 2 rows below. Sc are worked in back lp of st and each row is worked on one side and the end cut at the end of each row. All color changes are made ...Continue Reading

Butterfly Bouquet Afghan Crochet Pattern

July 3rd 2020

[IMAGE] [IMAGE] One-color option below [IMAGE] Butterfly Bouquet Afghan Crochet Pattern Booklet Dear Crochet Friend, I've long wanted to do a butterfly afghan using the popular sc and dropped dc stitch technique for which our company is known for. When I finally cleared some time in my busy design schedule, I decided to pair the butterflies with flowers, which seemed like a natural combo. I decided to make it using our popular square design worked in rounds. This eliminates ...Continue Reading

One of my most popular afghan crochet patterns

July 2nd 2020

[IMAGE] Native American Afghan and Cocoon I'd like to reintroduce you to one of my most popular crochet patterns of all time, the "Native American Afghan and Cocoon." It's made using just single and double crochet stitches. All color changes are made at beginning of rows, so you are only working with one color at a time. The pattern is formed by cleverly placed dropped dc sts worked into front lp of st two rows below. It's similar in looks to mosaic (or slip stitch) knitting, b ...Continue Reading

Baby Toys Afghan Crochet Pattern

July 1st 2020

[IMAGE] [IMAGE] [IMAGE] [IMAGE] Baby Toys Afghan Dear Crochet Friend, Frequently I am asked for more dropped dc afghans without fringe. So I devised this technique that is worked "in the round" (even though it ends up square) using the dropped dc stitch (which is SO easy). Previously I designed Butterfly Boutique and Monkey Faces Afghans in this style. Now there is a new kid on the block, or should I say a new baby as this afghan is filled with darling baby toys for ...Continue Reading

Bassinet + Clothes for Dolls + Bears Crochet Patterns

June 30th 2020

[1][IMAGE] [2][IMAGE] Doll and Bear Clothes plus a Cute Tote Bed Crochet Pattern Booklets I love designing doll clothes, and here are a few I want to show you. I had been wanting to do a tote bed with some little doll outfits for quite a while, and finally got around to them with the Gingham Tote Tykes. My mind was geared to making a gift for a little one with a carryall to put them in. At Walmart I found the Berenguer Lil Cutesies 8.5" dolls for my granddaughter who was 4 at the ti ...Continue Reading

Easy Sailboat Afghan Crochet Pattern

June 29th 2020

[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Easy Sailboats Afghan Crochet Pattern Booklet This adorable afghan features rows of sporty sailboats made using our popular sc in back lp of st, with a dc in front lp of st 2 rows below, which forms the design. If you've never used this easy technique, check out the how-to video on my website for step-by-step instructions. It's easy-peasy! The large afghan (70" x 54") is made using worsted weight yarn; the small afghan suitable for a baby or toddler (49" ...Continue Reading

3 Native American Tote Bag Crochet Patterns

June 26th 2020

[IMAGE] Native American Totes Crochet Pattern Booklet includes 3 Unique Designs Uses our popular afghan technique of sc in back lp of st, and dc in front lp of st 2 rows below (which forms the design).\[\-\-OcJ6UTwuDM_TMP Couldn't Include Javascript: file:// DM_TMPOcJ6UTwu\-\-\] Dear Crochet Friend, Designing tote bags using our popular dropped dc stitch has long been on my "to do" list. Finally I have fit it in my busy schedule, and here are ...Continue Reading

Baby Cocoons and Car Seat Covers Crochet Patterns

June 25th 2020

[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Teddy Bear Baby Cocoons (above) [IMAGE] Owl Baby Cocoon [IMAGE] Camouflage Cover-Ups (Afghans, Car Seat Cover, Hat) [IMAGE] 3 Car Seat Blankets (Hearts, Stars, Diamonds) [IMAGE] [IMAGE] Native American Afghan and Baby Cocoon Baby Cocoons and Car Seat Cover Crochet Patterns Dear Crochet Friends, I was recently talking to a long time customer on the phone. She mentioned she had made many of my afghan designs, but wanted a smaller, quicker baby ...Continue Reading

New Baby Boy Hats Crochet Pattern Book Using Mosaic Dropped Double Crochet

June 23rd 2020

[IMAGE] New Baby Boy Hats Dear Crochet Friend, Outfit your newborn baby boy in these 5 sweet crocheted hats (most are really gender-neutral). Choose between puppy dog, elephant, bee, football or sailing (sailboats), or why not make them all?. The main pattern design section of each hat uses mosaic dropped double crochet technique which is formed by cleverly placed dropped dc stitches worked in front loop of stitch 2 rnds below and sc worked in back lp of st. All color changes are done a ...Continue Reading