Bassinet + Clothes for Dolls + Bears Crochet Patterns

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Subject: Bassinet + Clothes for Dolls + Bears Crochet Patterns
Date: June 30th 2020

Doll and Bear Clothes plus a Cute Tote Bed
Crochet Pattern Booklets

I love designing doll clothes, and here are a few I want to show you.  I had been wanting to do a tote bed with some little doll outfits for quite a while, and finally got around to them with the Gingham Tote Tykes.  My mind was geared to making a gift for a little one with a carryall to put them in.  At Walmart I found the Berenguer Lil Cutesies 8.5" dolls for my granddaughter who was 4 at the time, and she just loved them.  Then her sister, who was about 9, "casually" mentioned that she sure did like those little dolls (hint, hint) of course grandma had to get her some too!  I made everything out of baby yarn with one outfit trimmed in size 10 thread for a delicate look.

Another thing on my "list" to do was some full skirted bed doll outfits for the 12" craft bear you see in stores...I believe they are made by Fibrecraft and Darice.  For those more into animals than dolls, I thought this would be a nice change of pace.  The outfits are made out of baby or sport yarn, and I included a pattern for a worsted weight pillow form to go underneath, or you can leave that out and just have the full skirt laying on the bed.  I had a fun time figuring out how to do the hats with holes for the ears!  But I finally got it!

Dolly Duds is a vintage pattern set from the 1980's that I have reissued in electronic form (the pattern book is long since it has 6 outfits plus accessories like shoes and hats included!).  It was designed for popular Cabbage Patch Kids, or soft sculptured dolls around 16" in length.  I've heard that these CPK outfits will work for chubby baby dolls as well...I'm thinking particularly of the Bitty Baby Dolls put out by the American Girl Doll Company.  In fact I think another designer told me she had modeled some of her Bitty Baby outfits on a Cabbage Patch doll.

All the above are available in instant electronic download format, and two are also available as a printed digest size booklet which will be mailed to you.  Order yours today!

Carol Hegar
Owner, Shady Lane Original Crochet Designs

To access the instant downloads, click here

For Printed Versions which will be mailed to you:
Gingham Tote Tykes and Bed Doll Bears click here

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